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  • Max. widths up to 40'2"
  • Max. heights up to 32'1"
  • R-Value up to 17.50 combined with air Infiltration performance up to .08 cmf at 15 mph for superior thermal performance
  • Thermal break prevents cold or heat from passing through the section
  • Between section seals contribute to superior thermal performance
  • Durable sandwich panel construction: steel-polyurethane-steel
  • Unique continuous hinge attachment strip allows sections to be cut to length to repair damage on site.
  • Flexible bottom weatherseal with retainer lessens conductivity of heat and cold, minimizes air and water penetration, and accommodates irregular floor conditions
  • Insulation is CFC and HCFC Free Foam
  • Baked-on, polyester paint finish eliminates field painting and provides long-lasting protection against the elements
  • Glazing
  • High cycle springs
  • Double end stiles
  • Heavy duty hardware
  • 3” track
  • Posi-Tension drums to eliminate cable jumping
  • Bottom sensing edge, Photo Eyes and safety bottom fixture to catch sections should cable break
  • High Windload
  • Four-section pass door
  • Rubber header seal and jamb weatherstripping
  • Exhaust ports
  • Electric operator
  • Chain hoist
Series View/Panel Insulation Warranty  
591 R-Value 14.86 10 year limited Warranty more
592 R-Value 17.5 10 year limited Warranty more
593 R-Value 12.76 10 year limited Warranty more
594 R-Value 12.76 10 Year Limited Warrany more
596 R-Value 17.4 10 Year Limited Warrany more
598 R-Value 9.31 10 Year Limited Warrany more
599 R-Value 17.5 10 Year Limited Warrany more

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