Model 620s

This heavy duty Stormtite™ springless service door is best suited for exterior applications that are exposed to harsh weather. The Model 620S provides security, reliability, ease of serviceability and advanced weather protection. The perimeter seals included in this design help protect against extreme weather conditions.

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Slat Type

F-265 & FE-265 SLAT




  • Motor options: 220/240 VAC 1-phase; 460 and 575 VAC 3-phase
  • Flat profile type F-265 for doors up to 20' wide also available in: 20, 18-gauge galvanized steel; 22, 20-gauge stainless steel; 16-gauge (.050") aluminum
  • Bottom bar also available in: galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Guide options include galvanized steel, powder coated steel
  • Hood available in powder coat, stainless steel and aluminum; sloped hood also available
  • Brackets also available in powder coat, galvanized steel
  • IP65 (NEMA 4/4X equivalent) control panel
  • Sensing edge for improved safety
  • Additional set of photoelectric sensors
  • Optional push buttons, loop detectors, radio control, motion detectors or any combination thereof available for door operation/control
  • PowderGuard® Premium powder coat and PowderGuard® Max hardened powder coat available in approximately 200 colors as well as colormatching to specification
  • PowderGuard® Textured Finish: Industrial textured powder coat provides a thicker, more scratch resistant coat for added product protection on guides, bottom bar and head plate
  • Uniformly spaced glazed acrylic vision lites available in 3” x 5/8” or 10” x 1”​



Actual door color may vary from the digital representation shown here.

Color samples are available by request.

Powder Coat Color Options

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification. PowderGuard®Textured Finish: Industrial textured powder coat available in 11 colors provides a thicker, more scratch resistant coat for added product protection on guides, bottom bar and head plate.


Standard max width:

up to 20' (6096 mm) depending on gauge and slat type

Standard max height:

up to 20' (6096 mm) depending on gauge and slat type


Interior or exterior face of wall

Curtain finish:

Gray, Tan, White or Brown polyester top coat

Wind load:

20 psf

Bottom bar:

Two PowderGuard® Premium powder coated black angles (min. thickness 3/16”) with weatherstrip


24-gauge galvanized steel primed; motor and end cover provided


Min. ¼” hot rolled primed, PowderGuard® Premium powder coated black steel


Three structural steel angles PowderGuard® Premium powder coated black; With high cycle UHMW wear strip

Stormtite™ perimeter seal system:

Exterior guide seal, interior hood baffle, bottom astragal


Single open/close/stop push button station incorporated into control panel

Door roll:

Direct driven, springless roll with integrated shafts; self-aligning grease-able sealed bearings; door does not require counterbalance device

Control panel:

Electronic controller with microprocessor self-diagnostics. Digital readout indicates door action, alarm conditions, and fault conditions. Time delay self-close timer and non-resettable cycle counter is included. One open/close/stop push button station integrated in control panel. Enclosure is IP54 rated (NEMA 3 equivalent).


Interlocking roll-formed slats, end locks attached to prevent lateral movement; ; Flat profile type F-265 for doors up to 18’'4" wide – 22-gauge galvanized steel; For doors between 18’4” and 20’0” – 20-gauge galvanized steel

Safety devices:

Built-in brake mechanism provides additional peace-of-mind against uncontrolled curtain travel.
Photoelectric safety sensors with guards - provide obstruction monitoring during door operation to help prevent injury and damage


Direct drive integrated gear/motor/brake assembly; Drive assembly and limit sensors are factory pre-assembled;  Hand chain for power outage. Horsepower appropriate to door size/weight; 230 VAC 3-phase motor


36 month limited warranty coverage on door system

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