Model 790CW

When your project requires a door that can handle high wind load conditions, yet is attractive, versatile and economical, the Model 790CW rolling sheet door fits the job. This rolling sheet door is rated for a design pressure from 22/-22psf (for a 20’0” wide door) to 41/-41psf (for a 10’0” wide opening), and can be built up to 16’0” tall. This rolling sheet door is available in 11 standard colors.

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  • Electric operator (Model RMX®)
  • Chain hoist with reduced drive, non-handed quick-connect components (standard on some 790CW doors, depending upon size)
  • Curtain lock; two-bolt, double shackle lock or cylinder lock jamb extension brackets for steel/wood jambs
  • Galvanized steel endlocks ​
  • Header draft seal ​​​


Glossy White
Forest Green
Dark Teal
Walnut Brown
Garnet Red
Polar Blue
Royal Blue
Desert Tan
Silhouette Gray​​​​

Actual door color may vary from the digital representation shown here.

Color samples are available by request.


Standard max width:

20' (6096 mm)

Standard max height:

16' (4877 mm)

Curtain material:

High strength steel

Curtain rub strips:

Flexible webbing on both front edges

Quick-connect bottom bar stops:

12-gauge galvanized steel

Bottom seal:

Bulb-type, astragal seal

Standard springs:

3 3/8" (86 mm) torsion springs


Dual slide-bolt locks on bottom bar 


11-gauge steel

Guide rub strips:

Polypropylene strips on both edges


Manual or non-handed reduced drive chain hoist (depending on door size) with quick-connect components

Universal guides:

14-gauge, roll-formed galvanized steel with pre-punched through-hole design for mounting to concrete, masonry, steel or wood jambs

Wind load:

Integrated curtain wind locks and guide to withstand wind load to minimum design pressures of 22/-22 psf (107/-107 kgf/sq m)


26-gauge, roll-formed galvanized steel sections interlocked and seamed to form full-door height with curtain wind locks

Counterbalance Assembly:

12" (305 mm), steel stepped rings to minimize headroom and enhance door operation

Bottom bar:

Extruded aluminum reinforced with steel, roll-formed angles

Exterior/interior finish:

Paint finish in choice of 11 standard colors: white, glossy white, garnet red, royal blue, polar blue, forest green, desert tan, dark teal, teal, walnut brown and bronze

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